“Deer Prep at Deer Hunting Camp to Bring Home More Meat ”

by Marty Prokop

Here is a great Free Deer Hunting Tip on how to take home more meat for your family.

Did you know that hanging your deer head up could increase meat loss?

It is true.

In my 24-plus years processing thousands of deer I have seen large meat losses due to spoilage. Why? One of the main reasons is because the deer wasn’t hung properly during the cooling process.

“The Marty Prokop More Deer Meat on Your Table Secret”

Once back at deer hunting camp, always hang your deer from the hind legs. Nature has provided us with the perfect natural “deer hooks” to do this.

Here’s how.

Marty Prokop Free Deer Hunting Tip #1

Look at one of the deer’s hind legs. Follow up the skinny leg bone from the hoof area to where the leg takes the first bend. You will notice the leg starts to widen. You will feel the bone on one side and a rubbery-like tendon on the other side. You will be able to feel there is a “hole” between the two covered with the hide.

While making sure to keep the tendon in one piece, cut the hide between the tendon and the large leg bone. This will create a hole which you can then use to hang your deer.

Do the same for the other leg.

Marty Prokop Free Deer Hunting Tip #2

If you are not going to use the deer’s cape for a head mount, split the chest cavity up through the ribcage. Place a stick between the ribcage to help hold the cavity open to allow better air circulation. You can do this before or after hanging the deer. Just make sure once your deer is hanging that the chest cavity is open.

I make sure the windpipe is removed from the deer before I hang it, as well. Using your knife or belly zipper cut from the brisket up to just under the deer’s chin. Remove the wind pipe and discard.

Marty Prokop Free Deer Hunting Tip #3

Next use a gambrel (leg spreader) and place one end of the gambrel through each of the holes in the back legs. There are many gambrels being sold in sporting goods stores. I personally use one that I have custom designed. (For more information or to order one of the gambrels I designed contact me at http://www.free-deer-hunting-tips.com/contact_us.htm )

Marty Prokop Free Deer Hunting Tip #4

Tie a rope or place the hook of a chain hoist to the top end of the gambrel. Raise the deer up onto the camp meat pole or sturdy branch. If using a rope, tie the other end of the rope to a stake or to a tree to insure the deer stays up off the ground.

Remember to hang your deer from the hind legs. This will help the deer cool more efficiently, insure your deer meat tastes better and, quite possibly, bring you home more meat.

Good Luck and Great Hunting!

Marty Prokop


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