How to Cook Venison

You had a successful deer hunting year. Whether you harvested your trophy buck or a nice doe for the freezer, you can now enjoy venison meat in your freezer.

At 14 years old (several decades ago), I was very fortunate to harvest my first deer. I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into my first venison steak. I pulled a package of deer meat out of the freezer the night before, placed it in a bowl and put it straight into the refrigerator to thaw for dinner the next day.

When dinner time rolled around I unwrapped the venison and placed it straight into a hot skillet. I pan seared the venison steaks on each side, flipping continuously.

When steaks were done, I placed them on my plate, carved off the first piece and popped it into my mouth.

The result? Tough, dry, almost non-edible, hockey pucks.

I vowed to find the answer to better tasting venison.

Venison, like many meats, doesn’t have to be cooked to the point it resembles straw.

Since venison and most wild game meats are so lean, I now cook venison with a little moisture in the pan. This can help the meat stay tender and juicy. I also discovered repeated flipping of the meat can dry it out quicker.

Marty Prokop Cooking Tip - Sure to Please

I started to experiment with various liquids when cooking my venison. I like to use beef and vegetable broth in the pan. If you are not concerned about calories you can use butter or good cooking oil.

I use a medium heat. Keep an eye on the venison meat as it cooks. Depending on thickness, cook the venison three to five minutes per side. Only flip the venison meat one time!

Pull the venison from the pan. Remember the venison meat will continue to cook after it is pulled from the heat.  Using a little lower heat and a bit of moisture in the pan helps keep your venison tender and juicy.

Good luck and great deer hunting!

Marty Prokop

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