Muzzleloader Deer Hunting by Marty Prokop

Do you want to lengthen your time in the field deer hunting?

My state offers a nine-day deer hunting rifle season. Although nine days deer hunting may seem like a lengthy season, I want to hunt more. Maybe you do too.

The solution? Muzzleloader season.

Most states offer a separate season for deer hunters who choose to deer hunt with a muzzleloader. In my state of Wisconsin, muzzleloader deer hunting season begins at the end of the regular rifle season.

When the regular deer hunting firearms season ends, and most deer hunters are hitting the road and heading home, muzzleloader deer hunters are heading into the woods for a big buck.

For years I shied away from muzzleloaders. Why?

I had heard too many stories of how the gun didn’t go off, the powder got wet and the down range accuracy was very poor. But…

Times Have Changed

I recently purchased a new muzzleloader. Today’s muzzleloaders closely resemble the deer hunting rifles being used during rifle season. Many look similar to other deer rifles and handle equally as well.

When I took my muzzleloader to the range to sight in, I was getting a 2-inch group at 100 yards shooting freehand.

Not bad, considering I hadn’t fired a muzzleloader in years.

After my first three-shot group, everything I had come to believe about muzzleloaders being not accurate faded quickly.

Muzzleloaders in Wet Conditions

Some muzzleloaders are equipped to fire the 209 primer. This insures a positive ignition of black powder even in the wettest of conditions. The 209 primer burns hotter. It is placed directly behind the powder charge resulting in quicker ignition.

The advances in black powder and black powder substitutes have been remarkable over the years. You can choose to shoot the pre-formed pellet-type black powder, which can make loading quicker. Or you can choose a black powder substitute that boasts a cleaner burn, resulting in easier and quicker muzzleloader cleaning.

Loading Your Muzzleloader

Loading your muzzleloader with high performance sabots and magnum powder charges can produce 100 yard shot groups that rival many of today’s deer hunting rifles. Of course, make sure your muzzleloader is capable of firing magnum loads before loading a magnum charge.

Always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for the type and amount of black powder or black powder substitute you use in your muzzle loader.

Fewer Deer Hunters in the Woods

Fewer deer hunters in the field during muzzleloader deer hunting season could offer you the chance at a big buck. Fewer deer hunters mean less pressure on skittish whitetails.

During muzzleloader deer hunting season you may be able to set up a deer hunting tree stand in places normally occupied during the regular rifle season.

Since most muzzle loader deer hunting seasons begin at the end of the rut, look to deer hunt food sources and good bedding areas. A big buck will need to rest and recuperate after the main breeding season ends. Locate your deer hunting tree stands or deer hunting blinds near these places.

If you are looking to extend your time in the field deer hunting with a firearm, buy a muzzleloader, and hit the woods when most hunters are heading home. You could bag the big buck of your dreams.

Good Luck and Great Hunting!

Marty Prokop

About Marty Prokop

Deer hunting expert Marty Prokop reveals closely guarded deer hunting secrets on how to get deer every time. Get his Free Deer Hunting Tips Newsletter, free deer videos and free online deer hunting game at Free Deer Hunting

Marty Prokop has 24-years experience deer hunting, processing deer for deer hunters and venison sausage making.  Marty Prokop teaches deer hunting, hunter safety, deer processing and deer sausage making classes. Marty Prokop has processed 7,805 deer, field dressed 422 deer and made over 991,990 pounds of sausage, smoked meats and jerky. Marty Prokop worked with Minnesota DNR programs. His deer hunting videos are used in statewide advanced hunter education classes. Marty Prokop is a successful speaker, outdoor writer and published author.

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