3 Secret Deer Hunting Treestand and Deer Blind
Tips to Tag More Deer

By Marty Prokop

Marty Prokop Deer Hunting Treestand and Deer Blind Secret Tip #1

Once your ladder treestands and deer blinds are set up, place a pair of used socks or a shirt you have worn in each treestand or deer blind. If time allows, replace the socks and or shirt once per week. This will help the deer get used to your scent.

Marty Prokop Deer Hunting Treestand and Deer Blind Secret Tip #2

If your state requires the use of blaze orange, place a straw dummy complete with an orange hat and orange vest in your deer hunting treestand or deer blind. Deer walking by your stand or blind become accustom to seeing something sitting in the ladder treestand or deer blind wearing similar clothing to what you would wear deer hunting.

Marty Prokop Deer Hunting Treestand and Deer Blind Secret Tip #3

Hang a piece of orange plastic in your ladder treestand or deer blind before deer hunting season opens.

When wind blows, the orange plastic moves. Prior to deer season opener, the orange plastic mimics movements a hunter could make while sitting in the deer blind or on the deer hunting treestand.

When deer season arrives, take the plastic down and sit in the deer blind or ladder treestand. When a deer walks by the ladder treestand or deer blind and you move the deer may be less likely to get spooked and run before giving you a shot.

Of course, check your state and local game rules and hunting regulations to see if your state allows you to use these deer hunting tips.

Properly placed ladder treestands and deer hunting blinds can be very effective for harvesting white tail deer.

Good Luck and Great Hunting.

Marty Prokop


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